"Would You Press a Button?" is featured in the JD: Meant To Be episode Pilot and sung by DancerBallerina and Pearl. It is sung with random buttons.


Dancer: Would you press a button...

Ballerina, Pearl: Oh, oh.


Dancer: You could press a button that gave you fifteen dollars...

Ballerina: And you'd press a button that didn't give you bed bugs...

Pearl: Ew.... And you would press a button that never let you down.

Dancer: Or never let you go...

Ballerina: Or never dragged you down!

Dancer: you won't press a button that makes you Donald Trump (da-toiletdump)

Ballerina: and if you were Sia but you weren't "Alive" then what is the point

Pearl: We can't all be the same you can't press a button that makes you me!


  • From ChristinaGrimmieLove: "I do regret recording this, however, it's been fun. Haha."