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  • I live in europe
  • I was born on June 24
  • I am an enthusiast for trashy croatian game shows
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    March 8, 2017 by Memorabilia

    Yes, the title is truly the same thing what you're thinking about.

    On this particularly sick Wednesday (this is the 3rd time I've been sick in the past month, God help me), I've come to deliver this heavy-hearted message to you: I have decided to quit the wiki and JD: Meant To Be in particular. There are a few reasons behind this decision I've been thinking about for the past few days.

    First of all, this wiki is completely dead: Ballerina has been inactive for the past two weeks and the last time I made an edit was 4 days ago. It's so dry in here I'm beginning to doubt if anyone is gonna actually read this and respond. This community has been in this shape since Dancer's leave back in November. And the show? It's not any better, either. Ever…

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    Hello guys! It's your *favorite* admin, Emma! This time I'm going back at ya with a new series, Just Another Staff Blog and I'll adress important issues, and believe me, there are many. 

    The most important issue is that we have too many Live! Chat moderators, mostly because Dancer sees the good in everybody and every new users just becomes a moderator. It's the same issue with newly made admins. Not to shade Kitten, I'm good friends with her, but seriously - she was kicked 2 times for spamming, and Monkey (whom I'm also good friends with) sweared without censorship multiple times, and a day later, Dancer said he apologised and gave him powers again. What?

    My prompt is: new stricter rules. And if someone promotes the second party without foll…

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  • Memorabilia

    This is a spot to post your feedback about the wiki shop. Post any issues and the help team will answer them as fast as they can.

    You can post issues, your feedback or even recommendations on the packs.

    • Accountant: TheEmmaShow
    • Help members: SabrinaCarpenterLove and JustADancer
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    Do you think you can beat these challenges? Do you think you're creative, logical and skillful enough to win? Do you want to win cool prizes? Then this is the right place!


    Hello everybody! I decided to make this show because: a) I was bored, b) Sassy Queens became slightly inactive, c) I always wanted to host a game show, d) I didn't see a game show that wasn't a sass pageant or a rip - off.

    The show will be foucsed on art, creativity and skills. Basically, you're gonna be doing challenges that are show themed. 

    (Example: Think of a show idea and present it to other creators, design a poster for the show, make to commercial to make TV lovers watch the show,...)

    You need to have:


    a Gmail account,

    good computer editing program,


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    Random Q&A

    April 22, 2016 by Memorabilia

    I was bored and felt like you guys don't know me enough so I decided to make a Q&A.

    Try to make the questions random, weird and not the kind I would expect.

    So, yeah, there's not very much to say about this,so....

    Ask away!

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