Strutspiration is a song in JD: Meant To Be. It is featured in The Other Break-Up, and is sung by Emma and Ballerina.


Emma: You ready, Ballerina?

Ballerina: You bet I am!

Emma: You gotta strut like a model but not that much

Ballerina: When you strut, you gotta have a strutspiration.

Emma: You better have the hips in the strut

Both: Or the strut isn't even one, guuuurl!

Ballerina: Hey Emma.

Emma: Yes?

Ballerina: Why is a strut not one unless you use the hips?

Emma: There's less sass in your struts, which means.....

Both: Your struts are useless, guuuuuurl!

Rebecca: Hold up. What're you trying to tell me?

Ballerina: It's okay to cry, but it's more okay to strut?

Rebecca: Nice try, guys. (Leaves)

Emma: Guuuurl! Did you even think that was gonna work?

Ballerina: Strut up.


  • This song was written to cheer up Rebecca.
  • The line, "Strut up" is a play on "shut up".
  • TheEmmaShow confirmed that the song is not on the soundtrack, and if you click on the link for the video on YouTube, it leads to the song "Strut" from The Cheetah Girls 2.