Sing It! Academy is the school Ballerina, Dancer, Kiity, Emma, and Pearl go to in JD: Meant to Be. It is located just around Meant to Be's home.


In 1956, Kat Evans and her husband, George, gathered a few women and men to build a new school. They wanted a simple school built with wood and had Japan's flag planted at the front to show that they stood out and didn't care about the other fancy schools. They built the school in no time.

Later, in 1957, there was controversy over Sing It!, saying that Evans and her husband were making a sign that implied that Japan was after everyone. Georgia Delevienne, Rebecca's grandmother, attempted to sue them for all they got. However, George had been so mad, and soon attacked Delevienne, killing her, which is why Rebecca hated Dancer and the group.

After a while, George was arrested for the murder of Georgia Delevienne. Kat and the builders took down the school and built a new version. This time, the correct flag was planted, and the walls were brick, making everything indivisible.

To this day, the school is the school of the singers.


Rebecca, Dancer, Pearl, Ballerina, Emma, Kitty, Julia, Natalia, Onion, Moonlight, Jose, Lilly, Monkey, Mikey, Alyssa, Ember, Hilary, Kathryn, Ross, Marina, Laura, Nate, Kim, Jim, Tim, Mary, Cherri, Sabrina, Rosa, Kitten, Shawn, Bella, Tina, Falco, 6f, Melody, Sky, Kylie, Harry, John, J.D. Central, Fan, Ella, Eric, Jimmy, Sarah, Tobias, Oishii Oishii P1, Nicoletta, Jordan, Nina, Fredrico, Ben, Kenny, Tennyson, Josephine, Lanae

Pledge of Sing It!

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