Season 4 is the fourth season for the popular show JD: Meant To Be. The cast members started to work on the season and the production officially began on June 13th, 2016. The cast members are working really hard on it, as they promised it would be the best season yet. It will be filled with new cast members, updating everyone's looks, and unexpecting twists and turns.


Start Up The Ending

Sick Girl, No Songs


  • There will be many promo posters for this season.
  • Also, the logo will be updated.
  • As for the cast goes, it was officially announced on May 20th that Alyssa will now be a member of Meant To Be.
  • The cast will be "totally unexpected".
  • Pearl will make many returns in this season.
  • Ballerina's cousin, Melody, seen in Heartbeat Songs, will be in the band.
  • The group is focused on making better original songs, as they hired a new, professional team of songwriters.
  • The characters will not look the way they did before; as they will get complete makeovers.
    • Emma will not have her signature unicorn hair anymore, she will have her natural brown hair.
    • Ballerina will not wear pink eye shadow, she will wear makeup that looks better around her eyes.
  • The new logo leaked on June 25th, 2016 for 5 minutes before being taken down. It eventually became official on July 21st.