"Meant to Argue" is a JD: Meant to Be episode of season 4.


Things get a little difficult when Melody and Ballerina give each other the silent treatment after a blown-up argument.


Melody and Ballerina have been sharing a room ever since they moved in together. When Melody and Ballerina get into a enormous argument about Melody's "horrible cleaning capability," they give each other the silent treatment instead of working it out. The crew try to reunite the cousins.


ChristinaGrimmieLove as Ballerina

TheEmmaShow as Emma

Melody Phoenix as Melody

TheSkyOfTomorrow as Sky

MistyMelissa as Kylie

JohnJD1302 as John

PinkStar19 as Natalia

FalcoLombardi99 as Falco (does not appear)


  • This is the first episode Melody has written.
  • Melody and Ballerina had never argued before this episode.
  • This episode does not include any songs besides the theme song because two characters are mute for the majority of the episode.
    • This is the second time this happens, after Sick Girl, No Songs, where two girls are sick.
    • However, a song almost was sung by Kylie.
  • Before saying, "Okay, so maybe they're not in the mood for a song.", Kylie kind of looks at the camera as if she briefly forgot her lines.


Ballerina: "Maybe if you weren't such a messy person, I wouldn't be mad!"

Melody: "I'm not messy! And if you're so mad, maybe you shouldn't talk to me!"

Ballerina: "Fine! I won't!"

Melody: "Good!" (leaves and slams the door behind her.)


Emma: "Why aren't you guys talking?"

(Melody rolls her eyes)

Kylie: "Okay, it looks like someone's a bit of a grump."

John: "Is it the brown lettuce in your salad that's making you grumpy? Vegetarians can get like that, I heard."

(Ballerina giggles and Melody storms off.)


Natalia: "Okay, Mel, tell us the truth. Why are you and Ballerina not speaking to each other?"

Melody: (sighs) "We might be having problems sharing a room. She's a neat freak and I prefer it messy."

Ballerina: (from a distance) "Not a neat freak! I just like cleanliness!"

Sky: "At least they're somewhat talking to each other."


Sky: "How about we all sing a song?"

(Kylie picks up her guitar and opens her mouth)

Ballerina, Melody: "NO!"

Kylie: "Okay, so maybe they're not in the mood for a song."


Singing Whenever! - theme - sung by Meant to Be