Meant To Be is the band name for Ballerina, Emma, John, Natalia, Alyssa, J.D. Central, Falco, Sky, Kylie, Harry, and Melody.

Where The Name Came From

In Pilot, before the end of the episode, Dancer (a character who later leaves) says, "Hey, why don't we come up with a name for the band?" Kitty replies sarcastically with, "No, I want us to have our band name be Dancing Ballerina named Emma who has a Kitty and a Pearl." That's when Julia suggests Meant To Be, and the name sticks.


Before the twelve members joined together as a band, there were five members: Dancer, Ballerina, Emma, Pearl, and Kitty. Pearl had left and was replaced with Natalia. At the end of Season 3, Kitty announced his depart, which results in John and Alyssa. J.D., Melody, and Falco joined (Melody was only seen in a few episodes until this point). A big controversy led to J.D. almost getting cut off. He stuck, but four new characters (Falco, Sky, Kylie, and Harry) joined. Later on, since Ballerina's portrayer, ChristinaGrimmieLove, had discovered that DancerTheSinger's account was disabled, he had left the band. In March, Emma left and the band broke apart. In JD: Meant To Be: The Golden Era, Ballerina rediscovers Falco, John, and Melody, and could rediscover Dancer and brings back Meant To Be.


  • Ballerina is the only band member who never left or joined during the series.
  • Melody Phoenix and ChristinaGrimmieLove (Melody and Ballerina) usually talk about the show when taking a walk.
  • Falco is the only band member based on a video game character.