Little detail has been revealed about this production. Unless you are one of the cast members or Just Dance Central, do not edit this page.

Just Dance School: Meant To Be is the crossover episode between JD: Meant To Be and Just Dance School. The airdate has not been revealed, but however, will be revealed on Twitter.


Dancer, Ballerina, Emma, Natalia, John, Alyssa, Onion, J.D. Central, and Melody get a chance to visit Just Dance School, and when they do, it's an adventure to die for.



SabrinaCarpenterLove as Ballerina

DancerTheSinger as Dancer

PinkStar19 as Natalia

TheEmmaShow as Emma

JohnJD1302 as John

AlyssaTheMusicGeek as Alyssa

Melody Phoenix as Melody

Bigfatonionslice as Onion

Just Dance Central as J.D. Central


Want To Want Me




Part Of Me




  • This is the first crossover for both shows.
  • This is divided into two parts: Part One (where they first meet), and Part Two (where they depart)
  • The airdate is yet to be confirmed on Twitter.
  • Some characters from SabrinaCarpenterLove's show have been given to Just Dance Central for this episode. The following are the characters:
    • Disturbia
    • Love You Like a Love Song
      • Coincidentally, the song appears in the episode.
    • Call Me Maybe
    • Crazy Little Thing
    • I'm An Albatraoz
    • It is unknown if these characters will appear.
  • The cast of JD: Meant To Be are still discussing the episode.
  • Songs from this episode have been used in other episodes.
  • This episode was then cancelled
    • If it weren't it'd be the first time they'd let CGI-animated characters into the series.


To see the full list of songs, see Just Dance School: Meant To Be (Crossover Soundtrack)