Here's a list of all things you can't do on the Live Chat and if you do any of the forbidden things, you'll be punished with the proper punishments.


  • With the exception of hell and damn, cursing is not allowed.


  • You are to report a problem to a moderator if none are on chat, but provide a screenshot. Otherwise, we won't believe you.


  • Profanity isn't allowed. Any pictures with profanity or swearing will block you for two hours on chat.
    • Any nude pictures or similar profanity will also get you blocked for two hours.
    • By doing any of the things above, you will no longer be a chat moderator.

Dangerous Files

  • By uploading dangerous files (with nudity, flashing images, etc.) you will get a 1 hour ban, depending on the type of dangerous file.


  • If you insult someone by calling them insulting names, you will get a one day block and you will no longer be a moderator
  • By imitating users, you will get a one day block.
  • Also, no insulting pictures and emojis are allowed. Doing so will get you a one day block and you will lose your moderator rights.

  • By advertising something (like your wiki or YouTube channel) will get you a one hour block. By forcing and telling people to go see it will also get you a one hour block.

Videos with explicit content or profanity

  • When posting videos with profanity or explicit content, a warning should always be there, unless the video has explicit in the title, no warning because it's right there.
  • If you post the video through ChatTags, there still should be a warning

Sexual assault

  • By asking for personal information, sexual assaulting or threatening, the user will be free on chat until the victim issues a problem. After telling a chat moderator, the assaulter will get an infinite block on chat.
    • If you are the victim, please tell this to a chat moderator.
    • People can ask for age, but must remember that age doesn't really matter on the wiki, immaturity does.

Who to ask for help

  • If you have gotten any of the things above while there wasn't a moderator active, please tell it to one of the active moderators.
  • The moderators are: ChristinaGrimmieLove, Melody Phoenix, and JohnJD1302. (Note: These moderators live in different timezones and therefore may not be able to respond to your message if you provide evidence. Please be patient.)