On the JD: Meant To Be Wiki, we expect everybody to follow the rules, including the admins. This is a seperate page to clear out the administrators' rules. This is a long list, but here they are.

Promoting & Demoting

  • You are only allowed to promote somebody if they are active enough, they edit without vandalizing the page, or if they play a main character. If you promote somebody and they don't reach these requirements, you will receive an admin warning.
  • You are only allowed to demote somebody if they are not following the rules. If you demote somebody and they aren't doing anything, you receive a three year block and will no longer be an admin.
  • If you are an admin and you demote yourself, you will not be able to gain those administrator rights again.


  • Only block somebody if they are breaking the rules constantly. If otherwise, you will receive a two-hour block.
  • DO NOT BLOCK YOURSELF! If you block yourself, an admin will unblock you, and you will be demoted.

Protecting Pages

  • You may NOT protect any page unless they are rule pages. Protecting a page otherwise will earn you a warning.

Admin Warnings

  • Admin Warnings are warnings given to admins. If you get three admin warnings, be careful. Another offense and you are no longer an admin.