Emma is a character in JD: Meant To Be. In the series, she is a third singer.


Emma is that girl you'd find on the roof of a casino, right? Haha, WRONG! She is an anti-rival unicorn! She's kind of like a cheerleader, hence the name of OMI's "Cheerleader".

Physical Appearence

She has rainbow hair, purple eyes, and normally wears upbeat, cute clothes. Except on funerals. She wears sorrow colored clothing then.


  • She is the final main star to be confirmed.
  • On being asked why Emma was a big secret, TheEmmaShow replied, "They wanted to surprise the viewers. Like what Pixar did with Bing Bong."
  • Although she is a singer, Emma is famous for breaking the fourth wall.
  • She has a duet with Ballerina.,
  • Sometime in March, she confirmed that she was leaving the series.


"Unless you want nine fingers, put me down."

"Ballerina, can't love last forever?" (Ballerina: If the guy or the girl isn't that stupid, then yes.)

"Freeform?! That's it, you DO want nine fingers! Come back here you little scrunch!"

"Excuse me?! You diss my queen, I diss your face!"


Emma has covered and wrote many songs in the show. Here's a list of all of them.

Song Title Original Artist Written By Performed By Appears In:
Singing Whenever! Main Cast SabrinaCarpenterLove Main Cast (Ballerina, Dancer, Pearl, Emma and Kitty) Pilot
Just Dance Lady Gaga Main cast Pilot
Fun Pitbull ft. Chris Brown Everyone Talk To Him!
Forever Meant To Be Main cast ft. Julia TBA Meant To Be ft. Julia Meant To Be (Forever)
Fancy (Version  2) Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX Dancer, Julia and Emma Meant To Be (Forever)
I Love It Icona Pop ft. Charli XCX Meant To Be Stuck In The Middle of Nowhere
Where My Baes At? Miranda Sings Miranda Sings Emma and Pearl Stuck In The Middle of Nowhere
Moving Again Meant To Be TBA Meant To Be Stuck In The Middle of Nowhere
Unpredictable Weather Meant To Be TBA Meant To Be The Singing Competition
Sing/Shake It Off Ed Sheeran/Taylor Swift (mashup) Meant To Be The Singing Competition

Emma's Official Seal

Emma's offical seal is a unicorn version of Pusheen The Cat, since Emma calls herself "an undercover unicorn". 
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