Demancer is the couple shipping between Ballerina and Dancer in JD: Meant To Be. This is the longest running ship in the series as of this point.

Other names

Ballerincer (Ballerin/a and Dan/cer)

Dancerina (Dancer and Balle/rina)


In the first episode, Dancer and Ballerina seem like close friends. They stand by each other in the scene where is starts raining and snowing. Dancer seems impressed when Ballerina introduces Kitty. At the end of the episode, after singing Just Dance, Dancer asks, "Ballerina... doesn't it seem like it's a good time to..." and Ballerina replies with, "Death do us part." Ever since, they have been dating, briefly breaking up once in Broken Heart.


  • This is the longest running couple in the series.
  • Originally, it was Peancer, the ship of Pearl and Dancer, which ended up being only a fan ship.

Similarities & Differences


Both are basically happy.

Both are admins.

Both seem to love songs with messages.


Dancer is male; Ballerina is female

Ballerina wears a lot of bright colors; Dancer doesn't


  • Color- The official Demancer color is purple. Dancer wears the color blue, and Ballerina wears the color pink, making the color purple.
  • Songs- There are fifteen songs for this shipping. They are down below.
  • Animal- Albatross. The Albatross inspired I'm an Albatraoz, the song loved by both Ballerina and Dancer.
  • Number- The official number is fifteen. Ballerina has nine letters and Dancer has six letters.


Heartbeat Song by Kelly Clarkson- The two characters sang two versions of this song and both seem to love it.

Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boy- One lyric reads, "May nothing but death do us part", and in Pilot, Ballerina says, "Death do us part.", confirming the relationship between them.

Smoke and Fire by Sabrina Carpenter- In a future episode, Ballerina and Dancer sing the song again.

Better When I'm An American Girl by Meghan Trainor, Nora Ekberg, and Bonnie McKee (combined)- They happen to sing this song with their friend, Natalia.

Little Swing by AronChupa ft. Little Sis Nora- They sing this song in School Dance

My Life Would Suck Without You by Kelly Clarkson- Both claim that life would suck without eachother.