Ballerina is a character on JD: Meant To Be. She is a singer in Meant To Be. She is played by ChristinaGrimmieLove.


Ballerina is a fun, happy, nice, and funny girl. She, in the beginning, is very cautious of what goes on. She is the girl who would correct someone on a test. The only time she'll ever raise her voice is if it is necessary. She is a serious girl.

Physical Appearance

Ballerina has blue eyes, and blonde hair. She wears little to no makeup and wears schoolgirl-like outfits.


  • Meant To Be
  • Melody
  • Dancer
  • Falco
  • John
  • Singing
  • Food
  • Memes
  • Gaming


  • Being annoyed.



Dancer was Ballerina's boyfriend. They have had quite a history since Talk To Him!. They once broke up in Broken Heart, but got back together. However, as of the episode Their Next Adventure, Dancer and Ballerina split up and Dancer left the band. Dancer returns in the New Year episode, and Dancer continues.


Melody is Ballerina's cousin. She first came into the series with Heartbeat Songs, even though she had a moderate role. She is again seen in the fourth season. Even though the two are cousins, Ballerina feels that they are like sisters. And not because they lived together after Heartbeat Songs. Melody then returns in JD: Meant To Be: The Golden Era.


John is Ballerina's friend. Not much is revealed.


  • In some of the episodes, she was known as "Christina". This has been fixed.
  • She and Dancer (Demancer) have the longest-running relationship in the show.
  • Even though she and Melody Phoenix are sisters in real life, they play cousins.
  • In the first season, she had pink hair parted to the left side. In season two, she had a bright pink streak in her hair. In the third season, the pink hair had only appeared in one section of her hair, and in the fourth season, the pink is completely gone. The hair does not appear since Season 3.
  • Even though she did not originally come up with The Golden Era, she was the first character to appear.


"You better back up, I'm going to literally blast you into next year with these facts."

"Don't tell no lie, lie lie lie"

"I'm just plain wicked."

"Gimme gimme."

"At least I'll die young and pretty."

"I swear, if one person says that Pikachu is ugly, they're not seeing the light of day again."

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